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Dekati® Diluter Pre-Order

Dekati® Diluter

Dekati® Diluter featuresRobust and easy to use – no moving parts and all stainless steel constr..

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Dekati® eFilter™ Pre-Order

Dekati® eFilter™

Dekati® eFilter™ features includeStandard gravimetric filter measurement that meetsUS EPA requi..

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Dekati® High Pressure Diluter DEED-300 Pre-Order

Dekati® High Pressure Diluter DEED-300

DEED-300 FeaturesAerosol dilution from high sample pressure conditionsStable dilution for pre-DPF co..

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High Resolution ELPI®+ Pre-Order

High Resolution ELPI®+

High Resolution ELPI®+ features includeWide particle size range 6 nm - 10 µm with one single instrum..

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Dekati® DEED Pre-Order

Dekati® DEED

DEED FeaturesFulfills all EURO5b/6 recommendations for VPRExtremely low solid particle losses(1Long ..

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High Temperature ELPI®+ Pre-Order

High Temperature ELPI®+

High Temperature ELPI®+ featuresWide particle size range; 6 nm – 10 µm with 14 size fractions10 Hz s..

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Dekati® Fine Particle Sampler Pre-Order

Dekati® Fine Particle Sampler

Dekati® FPS-4000 featuresTwo stage dilution system with perforated tube and ejector dilutersDil..

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ELPI®+ Pre-Order


ELPI®+  features includeWide particle size range; 6 nm – 10 μm14 particle size fractions, 500 w..

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BOLAR™ Pre-Order


BOLAR™ features includeBipolar electrical charge size distribution in 5 particle size fractionsSepar..

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